In the top lefthand portion of your portrait is a coloured marble. This is your current element. Your element is decided only by your necklace fire is red, water is blue, light is green, and nuetral is grey.

Base stats

  • Str - increases ATK by ~1. Subject to diminishing returns.
  • Vit - increases HP by 40.
  • Dex - increases GATK by ~(.5). Subject to diminishing returns. Also increases DOD at certain number
  • SPI - increases SP by 10.
  • INT - increases MATK by ~1. Subject to diminishing returns. Also increases CRI at certain number

Other stats

  • RANK - This is your hunter rank and unlocks additional quests from the camp leaders and also unlocks additional items from some npcs(hunter store).
  • HP - health.
  • ATK - Melee dmg.
  • MATK - Magic dmg.
  • DEF - Decreases physical dmg taken.
  • DOD - Dodge.
  • JOB - Your current combined job name the first letter is your second job ( the one with less skill points or the one you put points into second), followed by the second part of your first job. I.E SSLASHER (soul slasher) PSHOOTER (psychic shooter).
  • SP - mana.
  • GATK - Gun dmg.
  • CRI - critical strike chance.
  • MDEF - decreases magical dmg taken.
  • Blow - similar to a critical with a mini stun.

Stats on items

Necklaces add element to your attack stated by the item beside its name. If it does not have one beside its name you become a neutral element.

I.E - Dark Rock Necklace(water)

I.E - Devil's Breath

The three elements are Light, Water, and Fire.

Sword attack / Gun attack / Magic attack / Rapidity (dex) / Power (str) / Mental (spi) / Stamina (health) / Knowledge (int) / physical and magical defense / recover magic power and stamina (mana and health regen) / Absorb strength (life drain?) / Pro hunter (increases your dmg versus your opposite element by 10%) / Gold (increase gold drop amount) / Drop (increase item droprate) / Collect (increases ore collection from mineral deposits)/ fire, water, light dmg increase (Adds percentage to your magical attack damage for that element.)


The element chain is as follows: Water > Fire > Light > Water

'If an element is strong against the other it does 130% dmg and recieves 70% dmg. Neutral does 90% and recieves 110% to and from all elements. Like elements deal and recieve 100% of dmg.'