Perna Perlai is the second character you meet in the phone application (App) game "Demon Hunter". Perna saves Gun from the demon Greed upon her first appearance, but must be aided by Gun in order to fend the demon off. After the encounter Perna decides to help you to return to your own world and takes you to the group of demon hunters she fights with and you begin you adventure.

Perna is related to Elen Perlai, her older brother, who blames himself for the death of their parents. Elen is much taller then his sister, but bares a strong resemblance to her to the point that they could be twins or could be easily mistaken as Perna sister.

It could be assumed the Perna is around the same age as Gun, but for the moment, there is little evidence to support this beyond being a possible love interest for the main character.


Perna carries around a large sword on her hip, which is visible in the game when Gun and Perna jump into a hole in the ground to escape a surprise attack from a large spider demon. The blade lands in the stone ground giving the player a clear view of its hilt. In the art shown of the game, she seems to wear plate armor on her neck and shoulders, as well as cloth/leather over her upper torso which could be torn due to combat or just an extremely revealing bit of cloth/leather armor designed to looking like torn armor and a lace bra. Since no actual character art has been posted by the game creators, BICORE, and the rest of her outfit is barely visible in the few picture released for the game, it is left of the the imagination of the player to fill in the blanks.